Our Service

-Contract Negotiation and Sponsorship-



When  negotiating,  we identify and deliver the most rewarding and lucrative oppurtunities for our clients.

With years of experience, our FIFA licensed agents are experts in negotiating contracts which suit your needs. Whether it's dealing with club's Chief Executives or major sports brands the Winners Society has the knowledge and diplomacy to get a deal completed efficiently and effectively.

-Lifestyle Management-



The image of our clients off the pitch is just as important as their image on it.

Here at the winners society we want our clients to experience life and their career benefits to the fullest. As a member of the Winners Society it is important to maintain a lavish and reputable image.




Transfers are an integral part of any sports career. Our part is to take care of all your proffessional and personal needs.

During transfers, we arrange and liase with both clubs in order to reach an outcome which fulfills our client's career goals and exceeds their financial expectations.

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-Financial Advice-



We know that a proffessional sports career is not forever and establishing financial security for our client's future is essential.


The Winners Society provides tailored financial expertise and advice by contracting some of the best finance management companies. This enables us to meet the short, medium and long-term requirements of all our clients such as accounting, tax, investment and pension services.

-Public Media Relations-



In today's media driven world it has never been more important to manage a sports star's public image.

The Winners society's expansive network of internet journalists, TV agents and media experts allows us to promote our client's image and expand their career prospects.

-Legal Advice-



Legal issues both inside and out of Sport are matters which have to be taken seriously. We are commited to preventing and countering any legal obstacles which may impede our client's career progress.

We provide full legal coverage for our clients through our in-house Sports Lawyer and Solicitor. The Winners Society legal team has in-depth knowledege of FIFA's rules & regulations, ensuring that any disputes, litigations or conflicts are resolved in a timely manner.